Tour-X cluster Germany meets the tourism associations of “Spreewald” and “Lausitzer Seenland”

On the 25th of August, the German partners of the TourX project (BK Consult, DEHOGA Brandenburg, AVT, Landkreis Spree Neiße) met in Lehde/Spreewald.

Ms. Anette Ernst from the tourism association “Spreewald” and Ms. Kathrin Winkler from “Lausitzer Seenland e.V.” joined as well. During this meeting they were introduced by the German TourX partners what the project is about, what the opportunities of co-operation and involvement are and how TourX could help the region to get better in fields of professional education and qualification.
Concrete concerns and ideas, which the associations have, their preliminary experiences and what could be done better in the future, were discussed.

The German TourX partners are looking forward to work together with the tourism associations and create something great for our beautiful region!