International Roma Day 2021

The 8th of April is devoted to Europe’s largest Ethnic minority. Learn how we contribute to closing the gap between communities

Annually, on the 8th of April, we celebrate the International Roma Day, devoted to Europe’s largest ethnic minority.

Roma is a vivid part of the European History, with a magnificent culture, a unique language and aspirations that remain unknown and have been targeted in the past, while even today this large group suffers from discrimination and isolation.

At BK-con we are supporting Roma and the Romani language, through active involvement in projects that actually target the most valnurable members of the community. Our intention is to raise awareness and achieve inclusion through education and mutual understanding, contributing towards closing the gap between communities.

Learn more about our related activities in our two thriving projects:

Proma – Promoting the integration of Roma women (here)

RomaPlus – Boosting Literacy and Numeracy Skills for Roma people (here)

Learn more about the Roma International Day and the necessity to increase our efforts during the Covid-19 Pandemic by accessing here