The European Green Deal sets Europe on the pathway to becoming the first climate-neutral continent by 2050, while the EU’s first-ever Gender Equality Strategy is designed to make gender equality in the EU a reality. European rural areas can be characterised by a gender-selective migration since the number of women leaving rural areas exceeds the number of males doing so.

WE GREEN project addresses the need for transforming the EU economy into a green one and developing new skills required for both green jobs and green entrepreneurship in rural areas, using digitalization and social economy models.

Objectives of the project

The objectives of the WE GREEN project are:

  • foster social green entrepreneurship among women in rural communities through education in the form of practical local programs
  • bridge the “gap” in the educational system between the need for new green skills and entrepreneurial skills and the lack of adequate educational content for the development of such skills, through an innovative training course for teachers in delivering green social entrepreneurship education, utilizing blended learning methodology
  • Build awareness in rural areas about women and green entrepreneurship as vehicles for the empowerment of local communities
  • Develop guidelines for stakeholders at local, national and European levels about needed measures for building an enabling environment for women’s entrepreneurship in the rural area

Expected Main Results

  • R1: Train at least 40 formal & non-formal educators of rural women/social entrepreneurship/green skills
  • R2: Intensified use of open educational resources (OER) for continuous training of the teaching community
  • R3: The educational professionals will learn the importance of fostering green skills, especially in rural areas, through methods and tools (online education platforms) to deliver high-quality education.
  • R4: Improved digital competencies and understanding of green transition in a digital Europe

Project Activities

  • PR1: Inspirational package: development of a sound and updated knowledge base repository on rural women’s green social entrepreneurship, necessary for the preparation of the upcoming activities.
  • PR2: Development of the capacity building programme for formal and non-formal educators working with women in a rural area
  • PR3: Implementing Capacity building programme at the transnational and local level.
  • PR4: Guide for Stakeholders. Elaboration of a guide for stakeholders at the local, national and European levels with recommendations about building an enabling environment for women’s green social entrepreneurship in the rural area.

Funding Programme:  Erasmus+ KA2 – Strategic Partnership in Adult Education

Duration: 01/2021 – 11/2023, 24 months

Budget: 231.835,00 €

Countries: Romania, Belgium, Germany, Slovenia, Cyprus, Serbia

Project Number: 2021-1-RO01-KA220-ADU-000026954

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