VET Teachers’ Transversal Skills Competence Assessment System


Although most EU frameworks emphasize the role that VET plays for the economy’s future, almost no effort has been dedicated to identifying VET Teachers’ transversal skills that would allow them to prepare their students for the education-to-work transition. The VETCompass project aims to respond to this problem and contribute to the enhanced quality in VET by developing an assessment framework and tool for the transversal competencies of VET Teachers/Trainers/Staff as well as a toolbox library with targeted resources that will support VET Institutions in promoting the continuous PD of their staff.

Objectives of the project

Project aims to:

  • O1: Identify the necessary transversal skills of VET Teachers/Trainers/Staff
  • O2: Assess European VET Teacher’s Transversal Skills
  • O3: Enhance VET attractiveness by aligning teachers’ skills with today’s imperatives in the field of VET Education
  • O4: Empower VET educators targeted continuous professional development.


Expected Main Results

Project aims at producing:

  • R1: Framework for the transversal skill assessment of VET Teachers/Trainers/Staff
  • R2: State-of-the-art, game-based transversal skill assessment tool
  • R3: Transnational Report on European VET Teachers/Trainers/Staff Transversal Skills
  • R4: Toolbox Library with 50 targeted tools and resources for the development of VET educators’ transversal skills
  • R5: A Roadmap that will support VET Institutions to adopt policies and exploit the VETCompass PRs for the continuous professional development of their staff.

Project Activities

Project activities are grouped into five Work packages:

WP1: Project Management

WP2: Research at an international, European and national level on VET Teacher’s transversal skills, assessment mechanisms, and VET provisions aiming at:

  • a. identifying the 10 most valuable transversal skills of VET Teachers/Trainers/Staff,
  • b. finding elements from other skill assessment schemes that could be transferred to the project results,
  • c. creating the guidelines for the development of the rest of the PRs in alignment with European VET Provisions and Frameworks

WP3: Development of a Transversal Skills Assessment Framework for VET Teachers/Trainers/Staff and Skill Assessment Tool aiming at:

  • development of the transversal skill assessment framework and
  • development of the Game-based Assessment Tool.

WP4: Piloting of the “VETCompass” Game-based Assessment Tool on VET Teachers/Trainers/Staff aiming at:

  • piloting the Game-based Assessment Tool to VET Teachers/Trainers/Staff in project countries
  • evaluating the “Game-based Assessment Tool”
  • publishing the first “Transnational Report on VET Teachers/Trainers/Staff Transversal Skills”

WP5: Toolbox library and Roadmap for the continuous professional development of the transversal skills of VET Teachers/Trainers/Staff aiming at

  • developing and elaborating Toolbox Library for VET Teachers/Trainers/Staff Transversal Skills,
  • upskilling VET Teachers/Trainers/Staff on their Transversal Skills,
  • creating a Roadmap for VET Institutions on how to capitalize on VETCompass project PRs and establish practices that further empower VET Teachers/Trainers/Staff professional development.

WP6: Dissemination and Exploitation Activities

 Funding Programme: Erasmus+, Action Type KA220-VET – Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training

Duration: 09/2023 – 09/2026, 36 months

Budget: 46.020,00 €

Countries: Germany, Greece, Italy, Ireland

Project Number: TBA

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