Urban Farming and Entrepreneurship for Adults


Agriculture is often linked with rural areas and the countryside. Still, with almost three-quarters of the EU population living in cities and urban regions (EUROSTAT 2014), such a narrative is not only misleading but also overlooks remarkable initiatives which could contribute to addressing and mitigating overurbanization implications.

Urban organic and vertical farming encompasses a novel form of sustainable agriculture that urban residents can deploy to counteract the consequences of urban sprawl and at some level take ownership of their food production and consumption. Urban farming makes citizens contemplate the potential of their engagement over their own environment (private and public), empowers and brings communities together, and addresses and seeks solutions.

Objectives of the project


Motivate and encourage adult learners to engage more actively with environmental issues and adopt a solution-based approach

Equip adults with green skills, values and responsibilities, entrepreneurship and food literacy

Foster community-building and participation in grassroots initiatives

Trigger a ground-breaking change in daily habits and individual behaviors which will spur a more environment-friendly attitude among European citizens

– Increase the number of people in adult education and raise awareness of Erasmus+ lifelong learning opportunities

Empower adult learners to upskill and reskill with an emphasis on green & digital learning skills

Develop innovative adult education opportunities and encourage widespread implementation

Utilize Erasmus+ to foster and cultivate a common European value among citizens

Expected Main Results

A blended-learning education program in urban farming and entrepreneurship skills tailored to adult learners’ capacities and needs

A multi-lingual toolkit explaining country particularities, characteristics, and challenges in urban settings. The toolkit will be available in 4 languages (German, Greek, Italian, and English)

4 core uRBFARM Training Modules:

  • Training module in Vertical Farming
  • Training module in Organic Farming
  • Training module in Entrepreneurship Skills
  • Training module in Grassroot Initiatives and Community Engagement

uRBFARM Massive and Open Online Course (MOOC)

uRBFARM Project website

Project Activities


Funding Programme: Erasmus+ KA2 – Strategic Partnership in Adult Education

Duration: 09/2020 – 01/2023, 29 months

Budget: 278.475,00 €

Countries: Austria, Cyprus, Greece, Germany, Italy

Project Number: 2020-1 DE02-KA204-007721

Latest Project News

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