Pact for Tourism Skills – Towards a greener and a more digital Tourism Era


The TOURing project aims at reshaping the Tourism micro & SMEs by upskilling them with green and digital skillsets in order to build a tourism sector of tomorrow that is economically, digitally and environmentally viable in the long term through the implementation of more sustainable and digital models within Tourism micro & SMEs in the post-covid environment.

Objectives of the project

  • to increase skills anticipation of Tourism micro-small-medium-enterprises in the post-covid environment;
  • to support the upskilling of micro & SMEs Managers and Owners in the tourism sector in order to foster their resilience and their ability to bounce back quickly from future potential challenges
  • to foster the micro-SMEs’ capacity to offer updated tourism-related training programmes to their staff, focused on digital and green skills, adapted to their specific needs and demands;
  • to increase the micro & SMEs’ access to EU & national funding tools in order to boost future investments in digital and green transitions as well as in human workforce skills development;
  • to contribute to the skills & qualifications harmonization and mutual recognition of the tourism sector between EU countries;
  • to enhance their capacity to innovate by creating diversified tourism products and by adopting sustainable tourism models within their operations, reducing at the same time their impact on the environment and climate;
  • to foster National and transnational collaboration among all partnering stakeholders in order to contribute to the attractiveness of tourism professions and to increase the image of VET
  • to contribute to the European Green Deal and Digital Education Action Plan, as well as, the Pact for Skills towards a fair and resilient recovery of the Tourism Sector in a post-covid environment;

Expected Main Results

  • Tourism Sector New Skills Set for the digital and green transition of micro & SMEs in the post-covid environment
  • Self-assessment tool for micro-SMEs
  • A digital toolkit for the upskilling of micro & SMEs
  • Curricula for the upskilling of Tourism micro & SMEs
  • Funding toolkit
  • Skills validation mechanism with the use of micro-credentials in the Tourism micro & SMEs
  • ‘’Looking forward’’ White Paper for micro & SMEs

Project Activities

 Funding Programme:  Erasmus+ KA2 – Strategic Partnership in VET

Duration: 01/2023 – 01/2025, 24 months

Budget: 680.466,00 €

Countries: Germany. Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Portugal, Belgium

Project Number: FORWARD-LOOKING-101087478

Latest Project News

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