A holistic model to open Tourism VET for vulnerable groups


The TourEdu4All aims to strengthen the capacities of SSA Tourism VET institutions in terms of empowerment and inclusive access for disadvantaged populations through the development of a Holistic Model for inclusion in Tourism VET at the heart of which lies the knowledge exchange of networked collaboration, realistically adapted to the context of the partnering SSA countries. The Holistic Model for inclusion in Tourism VET, comprised of the identified expertise and Good Practices of the VET partners, will act as the basis for the development of the capacity building training curriculum that will target the partnering VET providers and teachers/trainers, to cultivate skills of the future workforce that successfully correspond to the Tourism industry needs.

Objectives of the project

Project specific objectives were defined as follows:

SO1: To increase the employability of youth in the SSA region, including disadvantaged groups and women
SO2: To create pathways for equitable access to SSA Tourism VET
SO3: To foster international and intra-national networked cooperation of Tourism VET institutions on the basis of exchanging Good Practices, knowledge and technical resources
SO4: To render the SSA Tourism VET ecosystem relevant to the requirements of the Tourism industry
SO5: To actively support the SSA Tourism VET ecosystem by facilitating financial support and exchanging-income generating strategies across Tourism VET institutions.


Expected Main Results

The project aims at analysing four best practices being implemented in the Partners institutions in Namibia, Kenya and Greece, issue recommendations aimed at fostering adaptation of these practices in the form of the holistic Raw Model in the partnering VET schools and train selected VET trainers and staff to facilitate their implementation. All direct outputs strive to create conditions and improve quality of services provided by the VET schools targeting vulnerable groups and fostering their employment in the tourism industries.

Project Activities

To reach the above listed objectives TourEdu4All activities are divided into 5 Work Packages and 19 Tasks, which respond to the three distinct periods of project implementation: horizontal processes, preparatory processes, implementation, and capitalization.

WP1: Project Management comprising of financial, communication and coordination arrangements, including quality assurance processes and procedures and evaluation.
WP2: Preparatory Activities for the design of a Raw Model for an inclusive approach in Tourism, covering analysis of four practices that will constitute the basis of the Raw Model and gaps and shortcomings of VET institutions striving to adopt it.
WP3: Development of the Raw Model for an inclusive approach in Tourism
WP4: Operational Phase of Fundraising Activities at partnering VET Institutions to facilitate model adaptation.
WP5: Dissemination and exploitation Activities

 Funding Programme: ERASMUS-EDU-2023-CB-VET Capacity building in the field of Vocational education and training (VET)

Duration: 12/2023 – 12/2026, 36 months

Budget: 400.000,00 €

Countries: Germany, Spain, Greece, Namibia, Gambia and Kenya

Project Number: TBA

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