Shaping talents and achieving Vocational Excellence in Sports


STARS: Shaping Talents and Achieving Vocational Excellence in Sports is an innovative project that aims to contribute to excellence in sports education, training, and preparation for the 2024 Olympics. It brings together an alliance of Ministries, Sports Schools, Sport Federations and Associations, and Expert Enterprises from France, Greece, Spain, and Germany. With a comprehensive Centre of Vocational Excellence (CoVE) model, STARS aspires to empower athletes, set new benchmarks, and bridge academia, sports institutions, and the professional world. Through collaboration, innovative methodologies, and extensive research, STARS aims to create a sustainable impact, leaving a legacy in sports education.

Objectives of the project

SO1: Foster collaborative skills partnerships and improve stakeholder engagement in the sports sector in order to achieve long-term and systemic impact.

SO2: Increase skills anticipation in the sport sector and bridge the gaps, through the development of learning pills for upskilling and reskilling of sports professional, athletes and educators.

SO3: Develop a long-term skills strategy for sport professionals by creating a Sports Skills Ecosystem and providing a comprehensive methodology for addressing future skills needs.

SO4: Foster applied research in the sports sector by bringing together the sport industry, sports associations and educational providers

SO5: Establish sustainable financial models to ensure better and long-term funding for sports, education, training and infrastructure

SO6: Foster inclusion, equality and diversity in the sport sector and ensure access and participation through the design and development of building blocks to end racism, with a focus on open sport schools

SO7: Establish support programmes to assist sport professionals, athletes and learners improving their employment opportunities through dual careers, career guidance, validation of prior and informal learning and career transition.

SO8: Increase the quality and attractiveness of the sport sector at a European, National, Regional and Local Level by promoting health and fitness through innovative approaches and awareness campaigns to a wider population and encouraging healthy lifestyle for all.

Expected Main Results

The activities of the project STARS aim to bring a game-changing paradigm when it comes to the sector and industry of sports. The ambition of this project is to create a model of excellence for vocational training of athletes and sports professionals in general that can have a truly long-lasting positive impact on the life and quality of this ecosystem.

Project Activities

The STARS project is driven by a vision to transform sports education, delivering tailored programs in five meticulously designed work packages (WP). These include:

  • WP1: Project Management – QA – Evaluation
  • WP2: Setting up of EU and Regional Skills Partnerships
  • WP3: Conceptualization and Design and Building Blocks of a Holistic Sports CoVE Model
  • WP4: Application of a Holistic Sports Education Model
  • WP5: Dissemination and achievement of Sustainable impact

 The WPs cover a wide range of areas such as open sports schools, dual careers for athletes, anti-gender-based violence initiatives, applied research, upskilling, validation of prior learning, financial models, and mega sports event management. The project’s outcomes align with Olympic standards and contribute to the success of the Paris 2024 Games, with the inclusion of the French and Greek Ministry of Sport.

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