fundRaising fOr sTArTup businEsses


ROTATE project aims to train VET teachers and learners in fundraising methods for start-up businesses through the development of a framework of fundraising processes, upskilling package for fundraising skills, and training activities in fundraising process.

Objectives of the project

The specific objectives of the ROTATE project include:

  • Upskill VET teachers and VET learners’ fundraising skills
  • Design and develop new educational resources for VET organizations
  • Provide new learning opportunities to low-skilled VET learners
  • Enhance the sustainability of start-up businesses


Expected Main Results

The results describe below derive from all project activities:

  • Creation of the project the general learning environment
  • Outlines for the development of the curriculum
  • Creation of the structure of the training material
  • Development of the Training Material (Curricula)
  • Testing and final upskilling of the fundraising Training Material

Project Activities

  • Development of a Framework of fundraising processes for start-up companies
  • Upskilling package for adults fundraising skills
  • Pilot training of the upskilling fundraising material

Project Roadshow

November/December 2023 Procedures and activities with the German NA to change the Greek partner
23 January 2024 Athens, official Kick-off of the project

 Funding Programme: Erasmus+, Action Type KA210-VET – Partnerships for cooperation and exchanges of practices

Duration: 10/2023 – 10/2024, 12 months

Budget: 60.000,00 €

Countries: Germany, Greece, Cyprus

Project Number:2023-1-DE02-KA210-VET-000159298

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