The main objective of the project is to address the digital transformation in the post-COVID-19 era, by focusing on the novel power of social networks that was revealed during the pandemic. RISE has a primary objective to create a framework where young people feel safe in online communities through developing and promoting methodologies and services to prevent and combat the risks and implications of digitalization, especially the social media exposure of young people.

RISE focuses on four elements: Prevention, Identification, Mitigation, and Tools to mitigate the risks.

Objectives of the project

RISE establishes a three-way approach, which includes the following sub-objectives:

  1. A methodology designed to address the needs of young people in the framework of digitalisation and especially of social media in the age of the COVID-19 pandemic
  2. An educational game for young people aims to reach young people and prevent and mitigate the risks of social networks (PR2).
  3. A Capacity Building programme (OER/PR3) for Youth Workers and Youth Trainers aims to help them to build capacity when dealing with the risks of young people in social networks, especially in the COVID-19 age.

Expected Main Results

  • R1: Direct involvement of young people in the methodology phase and the local activities (during the project)
  • R2: Improved knowledge of risks of social media and risky online behaviours, and their connections with offline behaviours (upon completion/long-term)
  • R3: Enhanced digital skills (during the project – through PR2 and upon completion): the Game will teach them to prevent, avoid and mitigate such risks. – Increased online

Project Activities

  • PR1: Documentation of youth online risks at local and national levels
  • PR2: Development of a Game for young people
  • PR3: Capacity-building Programme for Youth Workers and Youth Trainers

Funding Programme:  Erasmus+ KA2 – Strategic Partnership in Youth

Duration: 01/2022 – 01/2024, 24 months

Budget: 235.596,00 €

Countries:Romania, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Finland, Italy

Project Number: 2021-1-RO01-KA220-YOU-000028688

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