Collaborative Environment in e-classrooms

Fostering and promoting a collaborative environment in classrooms is one of the key factors that contribute to the delivery of a high-quality, inclusive learning process where individuals can thrive. The COVID-19 global outbreak has resulted to a sudden transformation of classrooms from their face-to-face usual setting to their digital form (e-classroom). This fact has created an imperative need for teachers to adapt in a new reality, where the values of inclusion, participation and collaboration remain fundamental but risk to be neglected. Within this context, the REACT project is going to contribute towards the digital upskilling of teachers/ trainers/ educators is going to be made within the DigiComp Framework (DigiComp2 –, covering the following areas:

  • Creation of digital content
  • Problem solving on digital environments
  • Communication and collaboration

Objectives of the project

  • O1: Building and strengthening the capacities of teachers/ trainers/ educators in the deployment of online resources that facilitate the collaboration and inclusion among students in the eclassroom.
  • O2: Promoting a collaborative, inclusive and cultural aware environment in the e-classroom using blended educational methods (formal, non-formal, informal).
  • O3: Development of innovative activities, tools and educational methods with main focus on collaboration and inclusion, responding to the needs of the e-classroom environment.
  • O4: Support of transnational educational institutions (universities, institutes, VET providers) in adapting collaborative and inclusive digital learning.
  • O4: Reinforce the ability of VET providers to provide high quality, inclusive digital education.

Expected Main Results

The main expected results of the project are:

  • Increased capability of VET teachers/ trainers/ educators to develop digital material and resources in order to facilitate the collaboration and inclusion among students in the virtual
  • Development of a more collaborative, inclusive and cultural aware environment in the e-classroom with the use of different educational approaches
  • Strengthened transnational educational institutions (universities, institutes, VET providers), containing adapted methods and techniques for a collaborative environment in the eclassroom
  • Development of new activities, tools and techniques focusing on promoting a collaborative, inclusive and cultural aware virtual classroom environment
  • Increased access to the OER through the large networking potentials emerging from the inclusion of EVBB, the Umbrella Organization, in the partnership
  • Intellectual Output 1: Development of an innovative and collaborative E-Learning environment
    • Activity 1.1: Identification of existing collaborative and inclusive techniques & methods used in the classroom to be transferred in the e-classroom environment
    • Activity 1.2: Identification of possible gaps and development of new collaborative & inclusive techniques for the e-classroom environment
    • Activity 1.3: Identification of the Learning Objectives of the OERs for the establishment of a collaborative e-learning environment
    • Activity 1.4: Design of a new virtual classroom curriculum promoting collaboration among students and inclusiveness
  • Intellectual Output 2: Creation of a set of innovative activities, tools and educational collaborative methods adapted to a virtual classroom curriculum
    • Activity 2.1: Development of the high-quality OERs predesigned, regarding collaborative virtual learning
    • Activity 2.2: Preparation of learning material of the e-classroom curriculum for VET teachers/trainers/educators
    • Activity 2.3: Design and launch of an E-Learning Platform containing all the material created
    • Activity 2.4: Design and implementation of MOOCs for teachers/ trainers/ educators
  • Intellectual Output 3: Design and Implementation of a Peer Learning Activity
    • Activity 3.1:Implementation of OERs created in IO2
    • Activity 3.2: Feedback loop & evaluation of the material from the VET teachers/ trainers/ educators
    • Activity 3.3: Creation of a toolkit containing a set of outreach material & best practices
  • 1 Joint Staff Training
  • 4 Project Meetings
  • 1 Multiplier Events
Funding Programme: Erasmus+ Ka226

Duration: 02/2021 – 02/2023, 24 months

Budget: 248.152 Euro

Countries: Germany, Greece, Sweden, Cyprus, Italy

Project Number: 2020-1-DE02-KA226-VET-007926

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