Enhance the nursing sector with skills in clinical Psycho-Oncology


The Project aims to cover the gap between traditional nurses dealing with cancer patients and the younger generation in terms of digital literacy, through education and training in ICT & digital applications, as well as to modernize the services provided by designing a fresh market-driven Curriculum offering the soft and psychological skills required to respond to the needs of this special demographics group and their families.

Objectives of the project

The objective of PsychONskills project include:
• O1: Provide a renewed skillset on ICT, digital and soft skills that are needed to meet the increased demand to highly qualified nurse practitioners.
• O2: Enhance cancer care providers’ soft and psychological skills, improving their communication and psychological care for patients.
• O3: Design a competence-based Occupational Profile for Nurse Practitioners facilitating the transition from the provision of unregistered nursing services to a formal nurse system.
• O4: Enhance employability and restrain undeclared work through officially recognized Training

Expected Main Results

The main expected results of the project are:

  • R1: A deeper understanding of the new emerging needs in the sector is going to be achieved.
  • R2: An Identification of skills mismatches in the nursing sector
  • R3: A Tailored analysis of ICT related skills mismatches in the nursing sector
  • R4: Development of the Training modules Outline using DACUM and design workshops at country level
  • R5: A Certification of Nurse Practitioners in an emerging area – ICT and psychology skills for clinical psycho – oncology is going to be developed and available in all participating countries.
  • R6: Further cooperation among our partners and the Health Professionals as well as other stakeholders we will reach through our dissemination events.
  • Intellectual Output 1: Gap analysis and building of a common Occupational Profile for Cancer care providing Nurses
    • Activity 1.1: Mapping of skills gap & identification of common trends using TNA methodology
    • Activity 1.2: In depth analysis of current VET curricula in Project’s participating countries & Identification of best practices
    • Activity 1.3: Skills mismatches report and Synthesis of a harmonized Occupational profile for nurses in the Cancer care sector
  • Intellectual Output 2: Designing of a competence Based Training Material for Nurses providing cancer care, focusing on ICT Skills and Clinical Psycho-Oncology (Using DACUM Methodology)
    • Activity 2.1: Preparation of a learning-outcome based Curriculum & Training course for Nurses in the Cancer care sector & trainers
    • Activity 2.2: Design and implementation of a self-assessment tool focusing on ICT and Psycho-Oncology skills of Nurses
    • Activity 2.3: Design and development of an online platform in form of O.E.R.
    • Activity 2.4: Design and development of the training material including interactive content (videos etc)
  • Intellectual Output 3: Pilot testing- Quality assurance and Guidelines for future training
    • Activity 3.1: Development of an embedded mobility Scheme for Cancer care providing Nurses & piloting the curriculum in “real life” workplace
    • Activity 3.2: Design a common approach methodology and development of a quality assurance plan for the curriculum
    • Activity 3.3: Self-assessment tests, Finalization of training modules – Guidelines for future training
  • Intellectual Output 4: Feedback loops – Engagement of Cancer Centers & Increasing of Awareness
    • Activity 4.1: Development of effective feedback loops to adapt VET provision
    • Activity 4.2: Evaluation of guidance activities
  • Intellectual Output 5: Engagement of nursing homes for the integration of ICT4Elders in their premises
    • Activity 5.1: Preparation of ICT4Elders related material for nursing homes and VET providers
    • Activity 5.2: Preparation of PsychONskills related material for cancer centers and VET providers – Identification of cancer centers and conduction of a round table discussion
    • Activity 5.3: Finalisation of the material. Open access of material and tutorials and presentation to stakeholders
  • 1 Joint Staff Training 
  • 5 Project Meetings
  • 6 Multiplier Events
Funding Programme: Erasmus+ Ka202

Duration: 11/2020 – 10/2022, 24 months

Budget: 288.055 Euro

Countries: Poland, Greece, Germany, Romania, Cyprus, Croatia

Project Number: 2020-1-PL01-KA202-081648

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