develoPmEnt of quality assRanCe mEchanisms In VET E-learning environments


This project is focused on the design, testing and integration of QA methods and tools that consistently enhance the quality of e-learning in the VET environment, in various combinations of technology-supported Trainings. The e-learning delivery during the first wave of the pandemic has shown that the extent to which technology is integrated in the operation of a VET Provider and the design and delivery of e-learning solutions is dependent on the size and previous experience of each Provider, creating inequalities between the large and regional/local VET Providers.

Other dependencies that affect the design and delivery of VET e-learning courses include the Subject (Profession) of the Training, the preferred style of teaching and the VET teacher’s skills and competences, creating a situation where different VET Providers offer a different learning experience for the same subject, creating confusion to the learners, affecting the image of VET, since they learners are not sure whether they are acquiring the same level of skills and competences as in the physical face to face learning environment.

On the other hand, methods, tools and system model for the quality assurance in the design and delivery of e-learning have been developed for HEIs who have a long-standing experience in distance learning, while the VET System lacks of such supporting mechanisms. EQAVET, a detailed framework for quality assurance in VET, is only covering the design and delivery of physical face2face trainings and not the transformation needed for delivering the same VET learning experience online.

Objectives of the project


• Proposal of a process-oriented lifecycle model for ensuring quality in e-learning development and delivery.
• The development of a QA Certification that is going ensure that specific quality criteria are being applied in the design or delivery of e-learning solutions.
• The delivery of Training Material for VET Professionals supporting the adaptation of the QA Framework in their operation.

Expected Main Results

The results described below derive from all project activities.

  1. One (1) QA Framework covering the design and delivery of e-learning in VET is going to be developed and introduced to the VET System
  2. One (1) Certification of Quality for VET e-learning programs is going to be introduced
  3. Fifteen (15) e-learning Courses are going to be subject of QA, using the new Framework
  4. Fifteen (15) VET e-learning course Quality Certificates are going to be awarded
  5. Five (5) e-tools related to the adaptation of the QA Framework in the VET system are going to be developed and made available for download or accessed online.
  6. One (1) consultation with representative stakeholders, taking the form of an Expert Panel is going to be organized (to review and finalize the QA Model)
  7. Training material (8 modules) for VET Professionals, including VET Teachers, upskilling them in regards to QA in the design and delivery of VET e-learning courses, is going to be made available on-line in the form of OER.

Project Activities

PERCEIVE will develop tangible deliverables that include:

Intellectual Output 1: Defining the QA Framework for VET e-learning

      • Activity 1.1: Analysis of functions and processes of a QA in the design and delivery of e-learning
      • Activity 1.2: Review of of applicable existing e-learning QA methodologies (i.e. in Higher Education
      • Activity 1.3: Consultation process with stakeholders
      • Activity 1.4: Defining the VET e-learning QA Framework

    Intellectual Output 2Design of the QA Framework for VET e-learning

        • Activity 2.1: Design of functions and processes of the VET e-learning QA Framework
        • Activity 2.2: e-tools adapted to the QA Framework to be developed
        • Activity 2.3: Development of a Certification for QA of e-learning Vocational Training Programmes
        • Activity 2.4: Finalization of VET e-learning Framework and adaptation to country specific context

      Intellectual Output 3Delivery of the QA Framework for VET e-learning

          • Activity 3.1: Preparation of an e-portfolio of Training Material for VET Professionals of the incorporation of the QA framework in their VET Curricula (including Tutorials for Beneficiaries)
          • Activity 3.2: Call for Interested VET Providers / Professionals
          • Activity 3.3: Application of the QA e-learning framework to existing and new Curricula
          • Activity 3.4: Award of Certifications
          • Activity 3.5: Evaluation and fine tuning of the QA Framework
          • 4 Project Meetings
          • 5 Multiplier Events
          • 1 Consultation with Stakeholders

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