Innovative modes for learning in international classrooms


The General Objective of MODES is to foster the European identity of international students, through the equipment of professors with the necessary skills, so as to be able to reinforce their international students learning experiences and to integrate them in the university campus life, and also in the society.

Objectives of the project

  • Strengthen professors’ and tutors’ capacity to create inclusive classrooms for international and foreign students
  • Create new and more inclusive incoming students, methodological approaches and pedagogies for international learning
  • Improve the international learning experience of foreign students in the classroom and campus life
  • Boost the integration of international students in the host European countries


Expected Main Results

  • Methodological Guide for teaching in international settings
  • International Skills Curriculum for teachers
  • Development of a Baseline Study Exploitation Pack
  • Recommendations Report for International Learning Environments
  • Toolkit for Excellence in international learning

Project Activities

  • Development of a Baseline Study Exploitation Pack for International Learning Environments;
  • Development of a Capacity Building Programme for International Teachers;
  • Design and deployment of a Toolkit for Excellence in the field of International Learning;
  • Dissemination and Exploitation Activities;

 Funding Programme: Erasmus+ KA2 – Strategic Partnership in Adult Education

Duration: 11/2022 – 11/2024, 24 months

Budget: 250.000,00 €

Countries:Italy, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, The Netherlands, Ireland

Project Number:2021-1-PL01-KA220-ADU-000033746

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