roMa Inclusion thRough vocAtioNal eDucAtion


The ‘MIRANDA’ project aims to promote social inclusion through vocational training and improve the outreach to people with fewer opportunities, particularly within the Roma community. Key objectives of the project include identifying stakeholders, conducting events and surveys, and addressing the barriers faced by these groups in accessing opportunities in the labour market, as well as in contributing to the creation of inclusive environments that promote equality and equity in education.
The project aims to create an operational framework for Vocational Education and Training (VET) schools, empowering Roma learners to overcome linguistic, social, and economic challenges. Additionally, efforts will be made to enhance the attractiveness of VET among Roma learners and the community at large, with a focus on inclusivity, innovative educational methods, and to support the professional development of VET teachers/trainers and staff to establish a more inclusive environment in VET Schools. The overall goal is to establish more inclusive learning environments and reduce the employment gap for the Roma minority.

Objectives of the project

Project aims specifically to:
O1: Enhance the services of the VET Schools for Roma and other excluded groups.
O2: Increase the attractiveness of VET Schools in the Roma community.
O3: Reduce the employment gap for Roma.
O4: Reduce the gap in completion of upper secondary and vocational education for Roma.
O5: Increase public awareness of issues of discrimination suffered by Roma.
O6: Inform the employers and stakeholders about the employment prospects of Roma.


Expected Main Results

To reach the project’s objectives Consortium, comprised of seven partners aims to develop Roma Stakeholders Database, Design Outreach Strategies for Roma learners, release guidebooks for VET Empowerment and curriculum with short-term “power up” courses, organize ToT for VET trainers/staff, Info Days in VET and Networking and Informative Workshops for Database stakeholders.

Project Activities

Project activities are organized in five Work packages (WP) led by the indicated Project Partner.

WP1: Project Management, comprising of financial, communication and coordination arrangements.
WP2: Raising Attractiveness of VET Schools for Roma learners, focusing on creation of Roma Stakeholders database, Engagement Methodology, Outreach Strategies for Roma learners and Raw Model for Roma-friendly VET Schools:
WP3: Empowerment inclusion package for VET learners comprises of activities such as supporting /empowerment Services Guidebook and curriculum of short-term “power up” courses for upskilling Roma learners.
WP4: Enhancing trainers/staff inclusion skills focused on developing and deploying ToT VET trainers/staff,
WP5: Dissemination and Exploitation comprised of set of dissemination and results exploitation activities as Info Days and Networking and Informative Workshops

 Funding Programme: Erasmus + KA2 – Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of good practices Programme

Duration: 9/2023 – 8/2026, 36 months

Budget: 400.000,00 €

Countries: Germany, Greece, The republic of North Macedonia, Austria

Project Number: 2023-1-DE02-KA220-VET-000164590

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