Cultural learning experiences and experiential learning paradigms for social and labour integration of disadvantaged young migrants


Agriculture is often linked with rural areas and the countryside. Still, with almost three-quarters of the EU population living in cities and urban regions (EUROSTAT 2014), such a narrative is not only misleading but also overlooks remarkable initiatives which could contribute to addressing and mitigating overurbanization implications.

Urban organic and vertical farming encompasses a novel form of sustainable agriculture that urban residents can deploy to counteract the consequences of urban sprawl and at some level take ownership of their food production and consumption. Urban farming makes citizens contemplate the potential of their engagement over their own environment (private and public), empowers and brings communities together, and addresses and seeks solutions.

Objectives of the project

The ‘Life in EU’ project aims to promote active citizenship through creative learning, to strengthen labour market integration through an online motivational roadmap to employability and knowledge and recognition of diversity and promotion of tolerance. The project is formulated as a user-centric, technology fuelled project to empower young migrants to communicate, interact, create and exchange knowledge through the use of novel learning technologies. The proposed approach aims to establish a digital learning ecosystem by promoting cognitive, affective, and social aspects of personalised training within informal settings. The project is instilling augmented reality worlds of serious games, gamification and simulations coupled with a smart assessment capability that leverages performance-based assessment tools and machine/deep learning technologies for dynamic adaptation of the learning scenarios and environment. 

Expected Main Results

  • Collection of practices that enhanced the understating of young migrants in the topics of civic participation.
  • Citizenship Guide for youth workers working with migrant learners
  • Life in EU digital tool (app)
  • Dialogues of the youth residing in the EU -Training of Youth workers working with young migrants
  • 7 Regional Events

Project Activities

1. Assessment of the training needs of young migrants in understanding the cultures of the host country
2. Development of the training based on the subjects of history, politics, social affairs, law and rights, values, religion, geography, culture and customs of the host country.
3. Creating immersive workshops and performance simulations where multi-user groups will have collaborative virtual interactions.
4. Reconstruct key cultural and historical events through storytelling to engage trainers and trainees in a virtual environment through an inclusive approach.
5. Development of a roadmap to employability to assist the transition to adulthood.
6. Publication of a series of “dialogues” to highlight young people’s views

Funding Programme: Erasmus+ KA2 – Cooperation partnerships in youth

Duration: 11/2021 – 05/2024, 30 months

Budget: 285.140,00 €

Countries:  Austria, Germany, Greece, France, Malta, Slovenia

Project Number: 2020-1-DE02-KA204-007682

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