Innovative Training Curricula for Drone Controllers


Rapid digital transformation offers European member states a unique opportunity to turn population ageing into a pathway for growth. The Silver Economy Study of European Commission estimated that by 2060 at least one in three Europeans will be over 65. Moreover, in the Eurostat’s study “Ageing Europe: looking at the lives of older people” it has been underlined that two fifths of people aged 65-74 years old had never used even a computer.
Within this context, learning is no longer confined to a specific phase in our lives, but rather it has become a dynamic process covering all stages of life. Bridging the digital divide between generations, is perceived as the potential approach to meet every day needs of older people. ICT4Elders is the answer towards transforming elderly peoples’ lives by improving their well-being as they will be able to use the Internet and access services ultimately aimed for their well-being. Our project proposal fosters innovation by ensuring that elders could have the appropriate information needed.

Objectives of the project

The project’s objectives include:

  • Design and delivery of updated training material for using Unmanned Areal Vehicles (UAV) on parcel delivery available on three e-learning platforms.
  • Upskilling of Postal Employees who will learn how to operate drones
  • Postal Sector fit for purpose for the use of Drones in service provision when the EU regulations will be in place and the National Aviation Authority will adapt and implement them at the national level.

Expected Main Results

The main expected results of the project are:(Countries of implementation: Czech Republic & Greece)

  • An occupational Profile for “Drone Flyers” adapted to the Postal Sector will be developed
  • Tailored and state of the Art Training Material and a Syllabus for “Drone Flyers” is going to be designed, delivered and accessible as OER 
  • Postal Employees trained and upskilled in a tailored sectoral curriculum
  • Sector ready to launch “drone delivery” of parcels provided that legislative framework will allow it
  • Intellectual Output 1: Conduction of a current needs analysis in skills mismatches for UTM/UAV Controllers
    • Activity 1.1: Implementation of a desk research including institutional analysis and identification of best practices
    • Activity 1.2: Implementation of a field research including a qualitative and quantitative analysis
    • Activity 1.3: Synthesis of a TNA report
    • Activity 1.4: Drafting of Code of Conduct
  • Intellectual Output 2: Preparation of Training Courses for “UTM/UAV controller”
    • Activity 2.1: Preparation of an Initial Occupational Profile using a two days’ workshop per country.
    • Activity 2.2: Conduction of a Validation Workshop
    • Activity 2.3: Management Review and finalization of Occupational Profile
    • Activity 3.4: Development of Curriculum including Training Material & Synthesis of a TNA report.
  • Intellectual Output 3: Development of a Training programme for Drone Controllers
    • Activity 3.1: Training programmes design and selection of training methodologies and means
    • Activity 3.2: Implementation of peer learning activities
  • Intellectual Output 4: Implementing the curricula to relevant personnel and certification
    • Activity 4.1: Redesigning and tailoring the prototype UAVs HERMES to meet training needs
    • Activity 4.2: Trial flights for the transportation of products and services at certain areas specified by the partners
    • Activity 4.3: Review and feedback
  • 5 Project Meetings
  • 4 Multiplier Events

Funding Programme: Erasmus+ Ka204

Duration: 11/2020 – 10/2022, 24 months

Budget: 214.382 Euro

Countries: Croatia, Greece, Cyprus, Germany

Project Partners

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