Eldicare 2.0

Re-defining skills in a post-COVID European Silver Economy


Eldicare 2.0 is the continuation of the Sector Skills Alliance project “Eldicare: Matching Skills in a Growing European Silver Economy, which had a great impact on the elderly care sector, since the project contributed to the improvement of skills intelligence, and has provided a clear strategy to address skills mismatches in the elderly health sector. However, since the project was affected by the outbreak of COVID-19 within its lifespan, some expectations were implemented only virtually. At the same time, the situation analysis had already been conducted before the pandemic broke out, and thus the latest developments were not included. Finally, it was found that COVID-19 has influenced the elders more than any other population group since it increased the feeling of isolation and loneliness of the elderly people who either live alone, or in a nursing home and are not able to meet their family.

For all the above findings, and based on many European evolutions in the field of Silver Economy after the pandemic crisis, a new synergy was developed, focusing on the post-COVID era, with the aim to address all the aforementioned challenges and apply the goals of EC related not only to digitalization but to green transition as well. Moreover, this project emphasises the entrepreneurial skills of caregivers, since a plethora of them are working in parallel as exclusive caregivers at patients’ homes, based on findings of the virtual piloting activities of the first Eldicare project.

Objectives of the project

  • Up/reskilling of the elderly care professionals
  • Upgrade the existing and emerging Occupational Profiles with up-to-date and essential skills for the elderly care practitioners
  • Establishment of a joint methodology for addressing future skills needs
  • Enhancement of the quality and the attractiveness of training in the health care sector at a European, National, Regional and Local Level. 

Expected Main Results

The results described below derive from all project activities.

  1. One (1) Blueprint Report on the future Elderly Care Providers
  2. Six (6) Competence Based Curricula
  3. One (1) National and EU Policy Recommendations Paper
  4. One (1) Turnkey for third countries
  5. One (1) Set of New/Updated Occupational Profiles in caregiving sector.

Project Activities

  1. Definition of a forward-looking Upskilling and Reskilling Strategy for the elderly care sector
  2. Development of a set of up-to-date Occupational Skills Profiles for elderly care practitioners
  3. Design of modular competence-based training curricula for the reskilling and upskilling of elderly care practitioners based on the new Occupational Profiles
  4. Pilot delivery of Trainings
  5. Offering hands-on solutions to generate long-term impact and sustainability in the elderly care sector

Additional project activities include:

  • Training of 850 learners
  • Implementation of 60 mobility flows

Latest Project News

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