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In modern times and especially during in periods of pandemic digital skills have become more important than ever, especially for vulnerable groups such as migrant women who in practical terms appear to have limited rights and privileges in the EU societies despite the long lasting movement for equality and justice for TCNs in Europe. Digital inaccessibility can take two main forms: 1) a lack of digital literacy, or the skills required to navigate the internet, and 2) a lack of access to technology. Migrants also face additional barriers to digital inclusion, due to a reliance on others to translate the websites of service providers and social media platforms to their native languages.

Our aim with the proposed project is to go one step further and educate and build the capacity of those who have access to the direct target group so as to be able to promote the digital inclusion of migrant women. This primarily involves, migrant and non-formal educational organisations, but also gender equality bodies that have direct access and interest to the overall social and economic inclusion of migrant women.

Objectives of the project

Main Objectives:

  • The improve the digital inclusion of TCN women in selected EU countries through practical tools and tailored educational interventions so as to secure a better quality of living for them.

Specific Objectives:

  • Improve national and transnational understanding of the digital inclusion needs of TCN women in the EU.
  • Develop practical tools and collect useful resources in terms of digital inclusion of women with migrant – refugee background.
  • Improve the capacity of professionals and stakeholder that have direct access to TCN women on how to develop their digital skills and ultimately empower them.
  • Increase awareness among professionals, relevant stakeholders and the general public regarding the digital inclusion needs of TCN women.

Expected Main Results

The expected results at project completion include:

  • Application of a methodology for assessing digital inclusion needs of TCN women in Europe.
  • Increased digital competences (including certification) for the TCN women in all participating countries having followed the integrated capacity building programme.
  • An online learning platform for training TCN women is developed and is made available in the participating countries, with its content uploaded and made freely available along with a mobile version of it.
  • Increased opportunities of TCN women to be successfully integrated in their recipient communities in Poland, Greece, Austria and Germany.
  • The capacities of professionals & stakeholders in the 4 implementing countries will be increased in terms digital inclusion needs of TCN women in the EU.
  • Innovative learning methodologies and tools aiming at maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of support provided to TCN women presented and introduced not only in the 4 project countries but also at EU level;
  • Enhanced awareness and knowledge (through infosessions and other dissemination means) of professionals and other stakeholders in Poland, Greece, Austria and Germany and Brussels on using the new e-tool and methodology.

The general public is more sensitised about the difficulties that TCN women face regarding their access to the labour market.    

Project Activities

  • Developing a common understanding regarding the modern digital inclusion needs of TCN women in Europe:
    • Primary and secondary research work with TCN women, professionals and representatives of public and private stakeholders.
    • Development of a mutual understanding to identify the policy needs and define key principles regarding the digital inclusion of TCN women.
    • Drafting and dissemination of country and EU-relevant policy briefs in relation to the planned dissemination and communication activities.
  • Design, development and piloting of capacity building web platform:
    • Design of education materials and tools on the digital inclusion of TCN women as vehicle for their overall inclusion in EU local societies and especially in periods of pandemic.
    • Development of practical educational tools and resources on the digital inclusion of TCN women in EU.
    • Pilot Testing Implementations
  • Training of stakeholder representatives and professionals on digital inclusion of TCN women and pilot testing of the empowerment methodology:
    • Organisation of online and physical engaging, interactive workshops for professionals and stakeholder representatives on the promotion of the digital inclusion of TCN women.
    • Pilot testing of the empowerment learning methodology for TCN women by the trained professionals and stakeholders.
  • Communication and dissemination of the objectives and results of the project:
    • Design of a detailed communication and dissemination strategy
    • Development and distribution of information material
    • Continuous communication activities and sensitisation of relevant stakeholders and professionals at national and EU level.

 Funding Programme: Erasmus+ KA2 – Strategic Partnership in Adult Education

Duration: 11/2022 – 11/2024, 24 months

Budget: 229.800,00 €

Countries: Poland, Germany, Austria, Romania, Greece, Belgium

Project Number:2021-1-PL01-KA220-ADU-000033746

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