Towards a more digital and greener Postal Era


The DigiGreeNPost project intents to bring resilience to the postal industry through the provision of upskilling  and  reskilling  opportunities  for  postal  employees  in  green  and  digital  competence areas, acting  as  an  enabler  towards  the  implementation  of  digital  and  green  policy  agendas, building  the  understanding  of  the  importance  of  digital  and  green-related  jobs  throughout  the sector”.

Objectives of the project

The project’s specific objectives are:

  • to develop  a  postal  skills  strategy  to  support  the  objectives  of  the  established  growth strategy  for  the  sector  by  creating  a  Joint  Skills  Ecosystem  for  the  DigiGreen  Postal Employees;
  • to update the existing and emerging Occupational Profiles with new skills by building an understanding of the principles of sustainability, green and digital economy;
  • to foster  innovation  by  providing  new  Joint  Training  Schemes  and  modern  Recognition Systems and & flexible “Cross-Border” Certification Schemes;
  • to contribute to the European Green Deal and Digital Education Action Plan by using the DigiComp2.0 Competence  Framework;  and  Sustainability competencies (JRC)  for  the creation of the training material;
  • to provide new teaching and learning approaches with the creation of competence-based courses, Work-based  learning  and  problem-based training,  with  the  use  of  micro-credentials, individual learning accounts and learner-centred online learning methods;
  • to enhance the capacity of  Education Providers and Postal Representatives to co-create digital  and  green  skills  ecosystems  in  postal-related  training  and  to  develop  more tailored  Curricula  and  Up-Skilling  opportunities  that  could  support  the  booming  postal sector;
  • to bring together all the Education Actors (Training Companies, VET providers, HEIs) with the market  representatives  and  umbrella  associations  in  order  to  achieve  a more significant impact;
  • to raise the quality of  VET  provision and  the  attractiveness of  the  postal  sector  at  a European, National, Regional and Local Level.

Expected Main Results

The expected results of the DigiGreeNPost Project project will be:

a. The resilience and harmonization of the EU postal industry under common initiatives,
b. The reinforcement of digitalization in the postal sector, the adaptation of green practices,
c. The creation of “DigiGreen” skilled workforce and the enhancement of their employability,
d. The creation of synergies between the Education Providers and the sector representatives.

Project Activities

The DigiGreeNPost Project alliance will create a common learning and skills recognition framework, that is user-friendly and accessible to all postal workers, who are seeking jobs in postal and delivery companies in different countries across the EU.

Outputs that will be produced from the project are:

a. Upgrade of Sectoral Profiles with new skills,
b. a Competence Framework,
c. a DigiGreen Post Model,
d. two Competence-based Curricula,
e. a new Joint Training Scheme including Web Based Learning (WBL),
f. an e-learning platform,
g. individual Learning Accounts (with Micro-credentials awarding)
h. a new “Cross-Border” Certification Scheme.




Our project brings together an appropriate mix of 12 partner organizations and 1 associated partner, namely:

1 Vocational Education and Training (VET) Provider – AKMI
2 training providers – Instruction & Formation & CPIP
1 Higher Education Institute – Hellenic Open University
1 Research Institute – Institute for Political Ecology
1 Network of VET providers – EVBB
2 Postal Enterprises – ELTA & Posta Romana
1 Sectoral EU Association – PostEurop
1 Accreditation Body – EuroCert
1 Quality Assurance (QA) Partner – BK-con
1 Communication Company – SLING Company
1 Associated Partner – Hellenic Authority for Communication
Security and Privacy (ADAE)

 Funding Programme:  Erasmus+ KA2- Alliances for Innovation

Duration: 01/2022 – 06/2025, 36 months

Budget: 1.480.407,00 €

Countries: Greece, Germany, Ireland, Croatia, Romania, Belgium

Project Number: ERASMUS-EDU-2021-PI-ALL-INNO-EDU-ENTERP-101055901

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