Promoting the integration of migrants at local level through digital skills


The strong rights framework enjoyed within the EU, unfortunately implies that the process of settling in is easier for those holding an EU citizenship than for Third-Country Nationals (TCNs). The reality is frequently different; for TCNs, the rights they have been accorded can be difficult to enforce in practice. In addition, TCNs have many integration needs while access to fundamental information and services is sometimes limited at a Local or Regional level, despite the effort provided so far. Orientation information concerning life in their new countries is hard to be accessed, since a bridge among Local societies (expressed through Local Administration) is not been established.
Within this reality, the Digi-Path project establishes the principle of a two-way process, to foster the successful inclusion and participation of TCNs and their family members in the host EU country’s civic and social life and their access to the same information / and employment opportunities of the nationals.

Objectives of the project

Digi-Path has a primary objective to foster the successful inclusion and participation of TCNs and their family members in the host EU country’s civic and social life providing equal access to information and services that will increase their well-being in the hosting societies.

  • This is going to be achieved through supplementary objectives that include:
    Increase of capacity of the Public Administration Authorities & Experts in local level in the participating countries to enable and facilitate the access of TCNs to a number of civic and other services (access to the labour market and relevant rights, professional guidance, family planning, available benefits, social insurance, registry etc) in the host countries
  • Improve of the availability, awareness and participation of TCNs in civic activities in their host communities;

Expected Main Results

The aim of the project is to provide practical solution so as to help closing the gap between industry needs/expectations and educational system outputs, in relation Industry 4.0 in the target countries.

The main expected results of the project are:

  • Direct involvement of Third Country Nationals in the Local Activities with access to all the services that are also targeting TCNs, emphasising on educational and social activities,
    including those for unrepresented groups such as women and young people;
  • Improved knowledge on the cultural, political, social, financial and religious issues in the area of living;
  • Improved basic skills, including the use of digital skills for accessing local/regional administrative services;
  • Intellectual Output 1: Indentification of online local public (and private) TCN friendly services
    • Task 1.1: On the field needs analysis of TCN, identifying skills gap
    • Task 1.2: Research of local online accessible services for the social inclusion
      of TCN”
    • Task 1.3: Catalogue of online accessible services and info
  • Intellectual Output 2: Development of a user friendly game fostering access to local services
    • Task 2.1: Development of an on-line game with a mobile app
    • Task 2.2: User testing and finalization of Digi-Path game
  • Intellectual Output 3: Development of a Capacity-building Programme for Municipal Professionals and Adult TCN trainers
    • Task 3.1: Design of Traning material that will be uploaded in the form of OER for future reference for other Minicipalities, identification of participants / beneficiaries
    • “Task 3.2: Adjustment of participating country specifics and digitalization of material, Evaluation of social inclusion delivery and ICT skills skillsassessment” Joint Staff Training of Munipal Professionals and Adult TCN educators
  • Joint Staff Training of Munipal Professionals and Adult TCN educators
  • 4 Project Meetings
  • 4 Multiplier Events
Funding Programme: Erasmus+ Ka204

Duration: 11/2020 – 10/2022, 24 months

Budget: 189.855 Euro

Countries: Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Belgium

Project Number: 2020-1-DE02-KA204-007682

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