Promoting Sustainable Fashion through Digitalization in VET


The “Digi-Branding” project aims to transform VET sector within the fashion industry by embedding digital competencies and sustainable practices into the curricula. The general objective is to modernize the existing VET frameworks to better meet the demands of a rapidly evolving fashion sector. This initiative will equip VET educators with advanced digital tools and methodologies, ensuring they can deliver high-quality, future-oriented education.
By focusing on sustainability, Digi-Branding also seeks to instill a strong environmental ethic in the next generation of fashion professionals. The project will develop and roll out a comprehensive training curriculum that bridges the gap between current industry requirements and the skills of VET learners. This curriculum will include hands-on trials in real-world classroom settings, ensuring practical experience in sustainable fashion practices. Additionally, Digi-Branding will contribute to raising awareness about the environmental impacts of the fashion industry and promote strategies for reducing this footprint. The project is going to enhance the overall quality of fashion VET studies and improve career prospects for students by aligning their skills with the needs of a digital and green economy.
Thus, Digi-Branding aims to create a scalable model for VET that can be adopted across different regions and sectors, driving forward the agenda for an eco-friendly and technologically advanced fashion industry. This project not only prepares learners for immediate employment but also equips them with the skills to innovate and lead in sustainability efforts within the industry.

Objectives of the project

The following objectives are being addressed at the DigiBranding project:

O1: Development of a strategic approach for enhancing fashion VET curricula, emphasizing digitalization and sustainability to align with modern industry standards.
O2: Implementation of a comprehensive training program for VET Teachers/Trainers to equip them with the latest pedagogical tools and techniques.
O3: Bridging the gap between the evolving needs of the fashion industry and the current skill sets of VET learners, ensuring relevancy and employability.
O4: Modernization of the competencies of VET Teachers/Trainers to foster an innovative and adaptive educational environment.
O5: Enhancement of the overall quality of fashion VET education, ensuring it meets global educational and professional standards.
O6: Promotion of the environmental consciousness within the fashion industry through educational initiatives aimed at minimizing the sector’s ecological footprint.



Expected Main Results

The following results are going to be achieved during and after the DigiBranding project:

R1: A comprehensive strategic plan for enhancing fashion VET studies to incorporate advanced digital and sustainable practices.
R2: An updated training curriculum tailored for VET Teachers/Trainers to facilitate effective teaching strategies and industry-relevant skills.
R3: A specialized training course designed to update and expand the professional skills of participants in line with industry standards.
R4: A detailed report offering recommendations for continuous improvement in VET programs, aligned with sector needs.
R5: Initiatives aimed at increasing awareness about the environmental impact of the fashion industry and promoting sustainable practices.
R6: Significant improvements in the quality of fashion VET studies, ensuring they meet high educational and industry benchmarks.
R7: Enhanced career prospects for VET learners through targeted training that equips them with in-demand skills.
R8: Opportunities for substantial upskilling of fashion VET Teachers/Trainers, focusing on integrating digital tools and sustainability into their teaching practices.

Project Activities

In DigiBranding, the following activities are going to be implemented during the project’s lifecycle:

• Coordination / Implementation activities
• WP2: Research and development of a strategy for Upscaling Fashion VET Curricula according to DigiComp and GreenComp 2.0 Frameworks
• WP3: Development of a raining Curriculum for VET Teachers/Trainers’ upskilling on Digitalization in Fashion
• WP4: Digi-Branding Curriculum trial Implementation with the participation of VET learners in real classrooms conditions
• Monitoring and control activities
• Information, promotion, and dissemination activities

 Funding Programme: Erasmus+ KA2 – Strategic Partnership in VET

Duration: 10/2023 – 10/2025, 24 months

Budget: 400.000,00 €

Countries: Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Germany, Bulgaria

Project Number: TBA

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