DivErSity and Tolerance IN E-Environment


As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, education, including Vocational Education and Training (VET) has changed dramatically, with the rise of e-learning and the remote teaching on digital platforms. In an e-classroom the values of diversity, tolerance and inclusion remain fundamental but risk to be neglected.

DESTINE raises the issues of diversity and tolerance within an online and distance learning environment, targeting directly VET teachers, trainers, educators, providers, staff and mentors in this field. The project aims to build their skills and competences, seeking to support and help in the creation of diversity tolerant e-learning programs. Indirectly, DESTINE also targets VET learners, and particularly learners with fewer opportunities, who need a diversity tolerant learning environment, specifically online.

Objectives of the project

DESTINE is a transformative project that seeks to empower VET institutions to achieve much greater and more sustainable levels of diversity and tolerance in online and distance learning VET programs.

VET teachers will develop new, adapted soft skills so as to be able to embrace diversity-tolerant methodologies in order to include students from all diversities and backgrounds: embracing diversity is indeed an investment for the future.

Staff, teachers, and learners will embrace diversity and tolerance on both personal and professional levels as a means of staying relevant and thriving in a changing world; VET teachers and providers will modify pedagogical approaches, incorporate transversal skills and promote diversity-tolerant learning that can help all students benefit from a better learning experience online, and eventually get better opportunities in the labor market. More largely, VET institutions are expected to improve their reputation and attract more students.

Expected Main Results

The results described below derive from all project activities.

  1. Inclusion and diversity in all fields of education, training, youth, and sport.
  2. Contributing to innovation in vocational education and training.
  3. Increasing attractiveness of VET.

Project Activities

The project includes Activities that have been divided into 5 Working Packages, as follows:

  • Creation of an online learning platform containing material focused on tolerance and diversity methods.
  • Implementation of innovative educational activities, tools, and methods through Open Educational Resources (OER).
  • Development of a freely accessible toolkit for teachers, trainers, and mentors, as well as interested learners, to be uploaded to the E-Learning Platform.
  • Development of a cooperative environment between institutions, facilitating the creation of synergies and transnational cooperation
  • Compilation of good practices of entities from various countries as success stories, developing a guide of success stories.ays
Funding Programme: Erasmus+ KA220-VET – Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training

Duration: 11/2021 – 11/2023, 24 months

Budget: 284.697 Euro

Countries: France, Greece, Germany, Romania, Spain

Project Number: 2021-1-FR01-KA220-VET-000032921

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