InCUBator for the resilience of the culture
and crEative sectors

Europeans leave. According to the Eurobameter’s survey, 53% of respondents believe that Member States are close in terms of shared values. Having this in mind, culture can help bridge this divide, increasing cultural participation, and bring Europeans together to experience what connects them rather than what divides them. Under this perspective, CUBE project is linked with the formulation of educational activities, but in a way that it is modern and digital, aligned with the new challenges. Our project desires to help artists to acquire skills and competences, including digital competences and entrepreneurial spirit that reinforce creativity in education. This aspect will bring innovation and sustainability of cultural sectors and industries in an era when everything changes.

Objectives of the project

The objective of Cube project include:

O1 – Promoting the upskilling pathways of adult artists and low-skilled culture workers, through the adoption of a virtual training programme

O2 – Enhancing inclusion of all adult artists in their society, eliminating their risk of poverty and job loss

O3 – Encouraging new entrepreneurial ideas related to culture and artistic sector, revealing new methods of funding

O4 – Creating cultural incubators which will lead to the employability of adult artists, since it is being reshaped under the pandemic

Expected Main Results

The main expected results of the project are:

  • Design of 1 OER platform for the training of at least 20 adult artists in each participating country 
  • Development of a training programme which will consists of at least 4 modules in entrepreneurship
  • At least 10 trainers will be included to shape the training programme
  • At least 80 adult artists and low-skilled workers will be benefited from CUBE’s results
  • More than 200 users of O.E.R are going to be achieved
  • Development of 1 pan European best practices’ report to identify relevant good examples of cultural incubators in COVID-19 pandemic
  • Production of 6 national Field research reports, with which the consortium will identify relevant good practices
  • Involvement of at least 50 SME’s and stakeholders related to artists’ employability (in total)
  • At least 50 artistical associations in a pan European scale will be benefited

Intellectual Output 1: Identification of cultural incubators in the age of COVID-19

  • TASK 1.1: Mapping of culture incubation models in the COVID-19 era
  • TASK 1.2: Collection of best practices related with cultural incubators
  • TASK 1.3: Methodological guide for creative incubators


Intellectual Output 2: Design of a virtual incubator mechanism for artists

  • TASK 2.1: Design of O.E.R training programme for adult artists
  • TASK 2.2: Development of the O.E.R platform
  • TASK 2.3: Formulation of a library’s repository for entrepreneurial resources  
  • TASK 2.4: Development of an incubator mechanism  


Intellectual Output 3: Delivery of cultural incubators

  • TASK 3.1: Implementation of training programme to adult artists
  • TASK 3.2: Implementation of the cultural incubator mechanism
  • TASK 3.2: Final evaluation


5 Project Meetings

6 Multiplier Events

Funding Programme: Erasmus+ Ka227

Duration: 06/2021 – 05/2022, 24 months

Budget: 256,279.00 Euro

Countries: Germany, Poland, Greece, Romania, Cyprus, Italy

Project Number: 2020-1-DE02-KA227-ADU-008236

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