Enhance Short-Term Employability Of Immigrants

In an ever-changing world, in which migration flows are continually being increased. As EU Cohesion Policy states, social inclusion is one of the eleven priorities for Policy in Social Inclusion in 2014-2030. However, many immigrant learners face problems, such as the following:

  • They do not possess the right skills, as well as education levels for today’s VET sector
  • They do not know how to “fit in” in VET occupational profiles
  • VET programmes are not modernized, and tailor made to their needs.

Objectives of the project

The objectives of ACTION project include:

  • IO1 Analysis of existing Training Programmes for Immigrants’ employability

  • O2 Design and delivery of Open Educational Resources Training Programme

  • O3 Delivery of Peer learning on training programme VET teachers, trainers and administrative staff

  • O4 Guidance to Immigrant learners


ACTION is broken down into 4 core phases:

  • 1st phase: The consortium will assess the current training programmes, offered to immigrant learners, by evaluating their impact on immigrants.
  • 2nd phase: Having finalized all features that need to be covered in the design of a training programme for teachers, trainers and administrative staff, ACTION VET training programme is generated.
  • 3rd phase: ACTION will implement the training programme to teachers, by organizing peer learning activities (i.e., workshops, discussion seminars etc.).
  • 4th phase: Trained tutors and staff will introduce immigrants into the training programme, to receive feedback on how to further enhance it.
Funding Programme: Erasmus+ Ka2

Duration: 11/2020 – 10/2022, 24 months

Budget: 291.695,00 Euro

Countries: Germany, Greece, Italy, Republic of North Macedonia and Cyprus

Project Number: 2020-1-DE02-KA202-007390

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