Up-Sailing – Newsletter Issue 2

The Up-Sailing project intends to introduce a holistic methodology that will bridge VET Education and the Maritime/Shipping Industry, promote a green certification system, and contribute to the respective policy dialogue with lessons learned and good practices that will be developed throughout the project, starting from the participating countries (Italy – Greece – Malta – Portugal – Germany) and then expanding it to other European countries.

Up Sailing will develop exclusively Open Educational Resources, as we strongly believe that education should remain free and accessible to all. All interactive resources and digital content, realized within the project lifetime and related to green skills in the maritime sector and other project activities, will be available to all interested parties (individuals, organizations, or public bodies). 

The partners have been working hard on the first project result (the joint analysis of our national findings and field research). This P.R. aims at designing a new, innovative Curriculum for the introduction of green skills into maritime studies in the participating countries.

For relevant news and information on Up Sailing, we invite you to check our project website and to follow our various activities on Up Sailing’s social accounts: Facebook and LinkedIn.

For relevant news and information on UP-SAILING, we invite you to follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn