TourX – Request for Proposals

CoVEs for the Tourism Industry – TourX (Project Id: 101056184is a Centre for Vocational Exellence  Project, funded under the Erasmus+ programme.

TOUR-X envisions to create excellence in Tourism through a bottom-up approach where the Education providers of the partnership will enhance their ability to adapt skills provision to everchanging economic and social needs.

Co-funded by the European Union, Tour-X is led by a Consortium of 23 experienced partners representing the most prominent VET providers, the Tourism sector and Regional Authorities of the seven countries that the project brings together. Moreover, TOUR-X is going to establish partnerships on a regional level, titled Knowledge Triangles in Germany, Greece, Italy and Spain, four of the leading countries in the Tourism sector of Europe. The Knowledge Triangles are gathering VET providers, representatives of the business sector and public authorities in order to better collaborate and contribute to regional development in the Tourism sector.

To know more about Tour-X visit the project’s website.

The purpose of the assignment is to establish all the actions, procedures, measures, indicators, and systems that will secure the quality of the outputs and processes, allowing their close and continuous monitoring and reviewing during Tour-X lifespan. The Quality Assurance and the Evaluation mechanism optimises the internal communication procedures of the consortium, to ensure the quality of project outputs and to safeguard high quality of the deliverables.

Total Maximum Value of the Assignment: 16.000 € (including VAT)

Duration: 38 Months

Deadline for Submission: 24.03.2023