We are glad to inform you that BK-con is the leading partner in the “PERCEIVE” ΚΑ2 Erasmus+ project. The PERCEIVE project, approved by the German NA, aims to act as an answer to the necessity of updating the quality of the VET environment with main goals:
  • To map and identify the needs of quality assurance methods in VET, after the impact of COVID-19;
  • To create and deliver a tailored- made and inclusive quality assurance system in VET;
  • To reinforce new collaboration models in VET;

Until 2023 a consortium consisted of 7 partners from 6 different EU Countries, is committed to complete the project with the highest quality standards and achieve the objectives of:

  • Proposing a process-oriented lifecycle model for ensuring quality in e-learning development and delivery
  • Developing of a QA Certification that is going ensure that specific quality criteria are being applied in the design or delivery of e-learning solutions.
  • Delivering of Training Material for VET Professionals supporting the adaptation of the QA Framework in their operation.

We are also happy to announce that the project website is officially launched. In the following link, more information about the project activities and future events can be found: https://perceive-project.eu/