• Developing enhanced regional and cross-regional partnerships to ensure that a sufficient number of healthcare employees and learners receive the right training / education based on current needs
  • Connecting educational and vocational training with healthcare industry and organisations in a more systematic and coherent way
  • Developing an environment that is going to foster employability of employees in the healthcare sector, providing adequate tools that will better their working conditions and the quality of services provided
  • Improving comparability and transfer of skills and competences focusing on-line training of current healthcare employees based on a blended approach, while introducing innovative education/ training initiatives
  • Raising awareness and improving the knowledge on patients’ data privacy protection as well as providing concrete information on rising legal aspects


  • 11/2020 – 10/2022, 24 months



  • A renewed Occupational Profile for DPOs accompanied by a new Skills Chart
  • A DPO VET Curriculum accompanied by a Peer Mentoring Scheme
  • An Awareness raising Curriculum on Data Protection for current and future employees
  • Data Protection and GDPR Learning Resources for learners and wider audiences
  • On line Peer Mentoring Toolbox
  • Development of effective feedback loops to enhance peer mentoring


  • O1: Conduction of a current gap analysis and identification of an Occupational Profile for DPOs in Healthcare Sector
  • O2: Designing of two VET Curricula and horizontal data protection training for DPOs and employees in Healthcare sector
  • O3: Piloting of Curricula and Peer mentoring Training Scheme in the Healthcare sector
  • 6 Multiplier Events 
  • 1 Short-Term Joint Staff Training Event

This Project is co-funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union.




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