The project has been awarded with a grant from the European Framework of ERASMUS+ KA2 Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education Programme. InD4.0 aims to deliver an MSc Programme in Industry 4.0 that will be offered by the Higher Education Institutions from Cambodia, Indonesia and Malaysia all belonging to the ASEAN region. In recognizance of the multidisciplinary nature of Industry 4.0, the programme will have an inherent multidisciplinarity combining a range of technological sectors e.g. cyber-physical systems, internet of things and big data analytics  with application fields of high importance for the project’s partner countries from both an industrial and economic perspective. The MSc’s structure will thus encompass core courses to provide fundamental technological knowledge of Industry 4.0, which will serve as the foundation for orientation courses that will offer specialization in vertical and horizontal value-creation chains of four key industries, namely Manufacturing, Agriculture, Aquaculture and Pervasive Health.

As a result, the project will adopt a multidisciplinary approach addressing a group of thematic priorities set for the Asian region by providing learning tools, frameworks and methodologies for various core courses that will integrate information and communication technologies, physics, mathematics and engineering all comprising essential scientific fields to understand and realize the technological components of Industry 4.0. The project will also address the regional thematic priorities of manufacturing and processing, agriculture, fisheries and health as application domains of the Industry 4.0 paradigm through specialization courses that will be arranged as a mix of theory and application, in a context of project-based education.

In order to provide an enhanced learning experience and provide students with the opportunity to see how strict academic and theoretical concepts relate to real life scenarios and situations, the courses will follow a STEM 4.0 approach that takes advantage of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


  • 06/2020 – 10/2022, 30 months



The aim of the project is to provide practical solution so as to help closing the gap between industry needs/expectations and educational system outputs, in relation Industry 4.0 in the target countries.

The main expected results of the project are:

  • Development of a new specialized curricula and an innovative MSc programme on Industry 4.0
  • Establishment of viable synergies and links with the regional industry (and in particular to the Manufacturing / Agriculture / Aquaculture and Health sectors) in order to address their needs in Industry 4.0, enhancing the employability of the graduates.
  • Reinforcement of the infrastructure of the Partner Country HEIs by establishing Industry 4.0 Laboratories (I4Ls) that will act as foci for research and innovation in the area thus ensuring that Industry 4.0 education will remain high in the regional priorities agenda for a long time after the project has been completed.
  • Increase of the capacity of the Partnering HEIs by training their academic staff in the new courses and appropriate delivery methods.
  • Stimulation of  greater human connectivity through the exchange of students and staff, which is enabled through global and regional networks, and consortium of higher education institutions.
  • Promotion of cooperation, exchange of know-how and good practices in the subject area between European Union and PC HEIs.


This Project is co-funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union.



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