The project’s is going to establish a strong partnership in European level in order to ameliorate the digital skills of elderly people and to eliminate the social inclusion of them given that they do not know how to use Internet.

The specific objectives of the proejct include:

  • O1: Promoting ICT education and lifelong learning of older adults;
  • O2: Increasing motivation through guided learning;
  • O3: Give elders the opportunity to progress and have a quality life via active ageing and being drastic members of the society
  • O4: Provide elder care givers the opportunity to upskill their knowledge and competences in their work field
  • O5: Assist Active ageing organizations and nursing home in providing elders and their families services of high quality


  • 11/2020 – 10/2022, 24 months



  • 1 developed training curriculum for elder care givers and companions
  • 1 developed guidance scheme for elders
  • More than 60 elders are going to participate in the guidance provision
  • At least 20 elders participated in the social experiement
  • More than 500 elders are going to benefit from the project
  • More than 60 elder care givers are going to have been trained on the features of the ICT4Elders framework, using the training scheme developed through this project.


  • I.O.1: Behavioural Analysis on the negative effects of Information Technology illiteracy on Elderly People
  • I.O.2: Design of a ICT Inclusion Training Curriculum for the elderly
  • I.O.3: Delivery of learning to elder caregivers
  • I.O.4: Guidance to elders on the use of ICT services
  • I.O.5: Engagement of nursing homes for the integration of ICT4Elders in their premises
  • 3 Multiplier Events

This Project is co-funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union.




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