The project’s objective is the realization of an updated training material for using Unmanned Areal Vehicles (UAV) on parcel delivery available on three e-learning platforms. By taking part in this project, the employees of the postal operators (postmen and not only) will learn how to operate drones and be ready for authorization when the EU regulations will be in place and the National Aviation Authority will adapt and implement them at the national level. to migrants who work or wish to work in the Tourism Sector.

The project targets in many different ways the lives of the following human resources categories

  • Workers in post offices – in terms of their work
  • long-term unemployed young people, people with disabilities and organizations providing public services – in terms of beneficiaries of UAVs making parcel deliveries by taking advantage of the following characterizes: speed, quality of service, efficiency, innovative services, emergency response when needed


  • 11/2020 – 10/2022, 24 months



  • UTM’s operator and remote pilot’s Occupational profile
  • Certification of the aforementioned Occupational profile
  • Design and Development of Syllabus, curricula and training material
  • Certification system (awarded from EUROCERT, certification body, and member of the partnership). One Certification System per participant country (Croatia, Greece, Cyprus)
  • Innovative training method (experiential training through flight simulator with embedded flight scenarios)
  • Training of facilitators in HAFA premises in Greece. Each Facilitator will undertake the responsibility to provide all necessary guidance, mentoring and training support to postal employees in the domain of UAV flight along with training experts of the consortium, according to the training programme designed in the respected Intellectual Output.


  • I.O.1: Conduction of a current needs analysis in skills mismatches for UTM/UAV Controllers
  • I.O.2 Preparation of Training Courses for “UTM/UAV controller”
  • I.O.3 Development of a Training programme for Drone Controllers
  • I.O. 4, Implementation of the curricula to relevant personnel and certification

This Project is co-funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union.




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